Under the Bed Restraints
Under the Bed Restraints
Under the Bed Restraints
Under the Bed Restraints
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Under the Bed Restraints

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Turning your bed (or any bed, really!) into a complete restraint system making tons of position possibilities along with some serious fantasy fulfillment possible, the classic Under The Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets is an absolute must-have for adventurous couples. 

Designed to be incredibly user friendly, you can slide the straps under the bottom of your mattress either from top to bottom or side to side (not to mention combinations of the two) to customize playtime perfectly. Once the main straps are in place, sturdy nylon tethers connect to four snug, softly lined cuffs, one pair for the wrists and one for the ankles - they'll hold you or your object of desire sexily secure. Perfect for beginners, and equally great for aficionados, Sportsheets scores top marks for this versatile pleasure system.

  • 4 Wrist/Ankle Cuffs
  • 4 60" (152cm) Restraint Straps
  • 1 60" (152cm) Connector Strap
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Great product, worked on two different king size beds, was able to restrain my blindfolded unsuspecting hook up for her flogging and paddling to pleasure her neyond belief...


Love it

I bought this for my girl for her bday! She knew I got her a sex toy of some sort but wasn't expecting this, she was excited and majorly turned on by it. We set it up which was super easy BTW and she had tried it on me first. I instantly gave in to it and wanted it, damn was I impressed. I love the feeling of being teased by her hands and lips and not being able to touch her, just makes me want her more. I then tied her down and caressed her body making her more wet than what she already was. Needless to say our session ended very wet and had to change the sheets. If any couple wants to spice up the sex in the bedroom I recommend getting this and a blindfold cause Holy crap not being able to see what someone is doing to you is one hell of a rush.


Elegant and easy.

This set essentially does what it says on the tin- a super simple under-the-bed restraint system that works under any bed. It s great for someone like myself who hasn t got a proper bedframe set up- a simple mattress will suffice. It s extremely easy to set up, and seems very durable.
The cuffs are delightfully soft as well- and, in this version of the restraints, removable from the overall system and therefore quite versatile- usable as just a pair of cuffs, for a hog tie, for ankle and wrist cuffs independent of the straps- pretty much anything you can think of. There is also a slightly cheaper set by S&M without the detachable cuffs, but I recommend this one just for the extra versatility.
When I bought the set I expected it to pull up at the edges of the mattress with some pressure but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of that sort of movement. You can either leave someone very lightly tied down, or indeed quite firmly plastered to the bed.

Basically, one of my best purchases this year!