Secret Kisses Mystic Onyx Cuffs
Secret Kisses Mystic Onyx Cuffs
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Secret Kisses Mystic Onyx Cuffs

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Are they bracelets? Are they cuffs? When it comes to the beautiful Metallic Black Mesh Cuffs by Secret Kisses, they can be whatever you want them to be! In glittering deep black, two beaded wrist cuffs moonlight as jewelry - or the other way around, if you like. Wear them over your wrists individually, or join them together with a detachable length of chain. 

This dazzling piece can definitely be worn to accent favourite lingerie, but you could also pair it with with evening wear or even jeans and a t-shirt. In either case, the Metallic Black Mystic Onyx Cuffs make a very sexy statement while complementing your own individual style. Nickel free. Fits most.
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So delicate and pretty to wear