Secret Kisses Golden Bliss Necklace Flogger
Secret Kisses Golden Bliss Necklace Flogger
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Secret Kisses Golden Bliss Necklace Flogger

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You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but have you ever worn your flogger around your neck? The Golden Bliss Necklace Flogger from Secret Kisses may not be a heart, but it certainly lets you show off some hearts-desire sexy intentions!

In gorgeous rose gold-hued chain, the Bliss features dozens of dangling tassels secured to a matching handle. Use it to gently tickle a playmate, or flick it just a little harder to deliver some sensual sting. The flogger portion hangs from the end of a lovely gold necklace - tuck it under your shirt and no one will be the wiser, unless you want to let them in on the secret, that is.

This dazzling piece can definitely be worn to accent favourite lingerie, but you could easily pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, too. In either case, the Golden Bliss Necklace Flogger makes a very sexy statement while complementing your own individual style. Nickel free. 
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In love

I love jewelry that doubles as a toy. This is so pretty and almost everyone just compliments it as jewelry. But for our naughtiest friends they recognize that it could be a flogger. I also long the very long chain, especially as a bigger woman it is nice to have long jewelry to layer. Also it feels great as a flogger, can be used from a gentle sensory tool to having the chains hit fairly hard for its tiny size.


So sexy

Alittle long but all the more room to play with. Absolutely amazing product nice little sting and even better foreplay.


Love it!!!

I am a submissive and I really love wearing this.