Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml
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Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream 1oz/30ml

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Excite your Secret Garden with female orgasm enhancing cream by Shunga. This unique creamy formula works to sensitize the entire vaginal area, resulting in more stimulation and pleasure. Just apply a small amount to start, and massage into the outer area of the vagina with the fingertips to experience a cooling or warming sensation to will increase feelings of pleasure when touched. Since every woman is different, you may want to experiment with different amounts depending on your sensitivity level. Use with a lover or on your own. Contains 1oz/30ml.

Rub the gel on the genital area to feel its silky lubricated texture and the tingling/cooling effect.
  • Size: 1 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Cooling, Paraben Free, Unscented, Vegan Friendly, Warming
Based On 42 Reviews

Love This!

I recommand!


Amazing orgasm!! Makes it longer and better! Also good for guys!

Wife loves it

It works very good and it does good changes in a relationship


Amazing it is a must have !!!!!

This stuff is no joke!

My wife and I have been using this stuff for years and we never allow ourselves to run out! One little drop is all you need and it drives my wife wild!


This product is choice. Definitely 5 stars, she requests it every time.! Multiple upon multiple. Would definitely recommend!!!!


This product really works a very warm sensation but also cool at the same time


This stuff is great, I've never tried stimulating gels before and this was amazing. I definitely had more sensation, a little goes a long way. Interested in trying more items from this company!

It works!

Very nice and tingly. Gets the blood flowing where it needs to.

Just wow!

I just bought this reading all the reviews and I must say I love it.. it definitely does give me intense orgasms!! I am addicted to this lol

Awesome product

This product is great. It sure does put a smile on your face.

Not for every day but good when you use it

I really like this product but I find it can easily be too much! Otherwise, it's really good for those days when you just want more

It works

My gal is pretty orgasmic as it is so the first time we used this I put a bit too much on. But. We got it right the next time. Nothing hotter than having my baby writhing the way she does, all amplified by this stuff!!


My girlfriend went crazy on this was the best ever


Great cream for foreplay,


Works really well :) only used a few times but so far but awesome product <3

a woman's pleasure

My wife loves it!

Not bad.

Added pleasure for her works every time.

Go try it!

So much sensation in this little bottle!


Love this stuff! Gives a warming feeling for me. Can't wait to try other products from this line.

Secret Garden Female Orgasm Cream

Very good cream ! We are using it over than year ! this our second bottle ! Strongly recommended !

secret garden

Best product I have ever used!

Secret garden female orgasm lube

My wife and I love this stuff! It is the closet thing to real that we have come across. Not too sticky and not to runny, just right for a great time!


Wife loved it had her shaking. i would buy again cause she was SOOOOOO satisfied .

Good stuff love it.

Just buy it and see


This really works. And few things work for me. Trust me. Worth a try. Wow.


This is by far the best g cream on the market!


Amazing! Have never tried a product like this and never want to be without it!!

Hype is real

Used it on my wife.. And immidiately felt the result


my girlfriend love this!