Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml
Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml
Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml
Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml
Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml
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Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream in 1oz/30ml

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Find and please the intensely orgasmic G-spot with Shunga's Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream. The teachings of the Geisha spoke of a technique that involved 'arousing the sacred point' in order to achieve the ultimate orgasm, which often caused a clear fluid to 'rain' from the vagina. In today's terms, the 'sacred point' is the g-spot, an area on the upper wall of the vagina, that when stimulated, can bring on the most intense orgasms and possible female ejaculation. This great kit contains a big bottle of arousal cream, and a colourful booklet with diagrams, sexual positions and tips and tricks for finding the G-Spot. Bottle contains 3oz/100ml.
  • Size: 1 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Masturbation Lube, Paraben Free, Unscented, Vegan Friendly
Based On 10 Reviews

It makes me squirt for the first time!!

Love it!

Honestly, my favorite product purchased here. Small bottle but lasts long.

The big "O" got a lot bigger

Picked this up along with some other products from the same company and was interested in this for a little extra fun. Used this twice so far and you don't need much. It works exactly as the name implies and won't disappoint, at least not in my case!

G-spot cream

Fast shipping, cream is alright but my wife complains the it dries her out. It worked okay but have bought better creams.

Nice stimulating cream

Not messy and you can see where it was placed. Sure engorgured my insides.. lots of natural lubracation.. felt nice and wet.. haven t gotten a gspot orgasm quiet yet of if I did, I did not ejaculate.

Oh yeah

I tried it once, it was really really awesome!! I would do it again! I didn't gave 5 stars because I was told I would be able to cum vaginally and it didn't happened so I'm a little disappointed in that

it rained alright!

This stuff is fantastic, great lubrication and this helped my wife "rain" just as it says! Will buy again for sure

yes I wood ( ! )

buy this product , over & over , again ;
paraben free , g-thoughtful . Nice .


Awesome product, for myself it really enhances my orgasms.

Great product for exploring your gspot

This is perfect for a romantic time with your partner or a relaxing steamy session alone. I thought this felt great on my clit as well. This is a wonder product that my friend had recommended me. May not work for everyone but worth trying