nipple play Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry
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nipple play Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry

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A lovely crystal-embellished set from, these dazzling tassels definitely command attention. Slipping easily over the peaks of the nipples, a plush silicone cinch grips gently to secure sparkly transparent teardrop pendants. Easy to adjust, the cinch tightens and loosens by sliding a silvery bead up or down. Nickel free.
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My partner and I love these!

They are pretty and easy to wear. They display your nipples in a very enticing manner. Highly recommended

Very Nice

Great set for beginners. Easily adjustable and sexy.

ABC of nipple clips

Hello! I ordered these close to Christmas. Delivery by 12/28. WOW got them Dec. 24th. They are nice. They did help.

Cute and fun!

Super cute looking and fun to wear for both me and my partner! The design lets you adjust for your comfort level and the material makes them super easy to wash. The little bit of weight they have is very nice too. My partner enjoys them as much as I do, and with nipple-play we had no problem leaving them on nor him biting them off ;)

Very pretty

But good for people without pierced nipples


I tried four different non-piercing nipple play rings/clips and these were finally ones that fit and were enjoyable. The bull nosed rings look nice but aren't good for people with protruding nipples. I'd recommend these for anyone who doesn't want tons of pain and who can control the level of pinching.

Great purchase

Great purchase for a newbie lots of adjustment can make as snug as ya want

Cute addition to the collection

I like that it is easy to adjust the size and tightness. I find that the metal clamp style ones are good but sometimes can be tricky to adjust. These have a good weight to them too.


My girlfriend was hesitant but she is hooked on these

So Pretty!

Love how pretty these look! Cinch them down and leave them on for a while. Let her be uncomfortable, because it just makes her look prettier to you. Her tingly nipples are now extra bling-ly. Perfect. "Leave them on; we're going out."

Pretty good!

I have smaller tits so staying on was slightly an issue, but like them other than that!

love these

first time using something like this and im in love!!!



Love em

Great and they adjust you can make them tight.


I had pierced nipples a while back and had to have them removed. Thought about doing it again until I saw these beauties. Boyfriend went crazy and couldn't stop playing with them. We both are satisfied with this.


Just some good ol play time fun. This is a good beginner one.

That s a tassel

I was iffy about buying them but I actually really enjoy the way they look and think they are nice accents if your wearing an open bra that nipples are exposed!
The only reason they lost a star is the chain is cheap

Nipple jewelry

Great item! They stay on and my husband loves do I. Highly recommend!


so sexy, so sensual, beautiful

Beautiful and elegant

These are such an eye catcher and a good option for those who do not want to use nipple clamps. The weight is enough to remind you they are there without being too much.

You will need some decent sized nipples or piercings to place them behind so they will stay.

Very good

Wife was worried about nipple clamps but said these were very good as tightness has infinite adjustment