nipple play Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple
nipple play Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple
nipple play Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple
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nipple play Mini Nipple Suckers in Purple

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If you're a fan of nipple play, but aren't necessarily into pinch, you and your nipples are in luck! CalExotics brilliant Mini Nipple Suckers are a fantastic alternative to clamps. 

Simple, sexy, and super-easy to use, these miniature Suckers deliver some seriously pleasurable suction. All you'll need to do is squeeze the circular base of each, position the Sucker over your or your partner's nipple, and release. The sensation is a bit more subtle than what you'd feel from a clamp, but if you can always flick and tug your Sucker(s) to kick up the stimulation factor.

In phthalate free PVC, the Mini Nipple Suckers are body safe and easy to clean an maintain. Before and after playtime, simply rinse your Suckers well with warm soapy water.

* Each Sucker is about 1"/2.5cm high and .75"/2cm wide
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Bought these as my (cis-male) first experimentation with nipple play, and wow... They feel so good!


A delicate suction

These work better if your nappies aren't very large. The suction is good, the size preventing a hard pull, they may come loose in boisterous play. The large version offers a stronger hold, though they are bulkier.


Good size and strong

Bought them for my girlfriend as a gift. She likes them as they stimulate her nipples pretty good. They are the perfect size. She can even put on a shirt when wearing them.


Great little punishment

Feeling hurt while feeling sexy, cannot ask for more.



First time exploring nipple play for me, and oh my gosh, it feels amazing!! Definitely recommend these to anyone interested or curious!


Squish Squish

I love the squeeze the more i squish them the sensitivity on the nipples is amazing and worth the price!


Amazing for the price

They re made of a surprisingly sturdy material for being so cheap-they re not extremely squishy so once they re on they last through quite a bit of gentle pulling and playing, they re a bit difficult to get on securely the first few attempts for this same reason, but once I figured out I had no problem reattaching them when I got a little rough~


Oh yes

This makes it possible to have both of your nipples sucked at the same time. The sensation is amazing. Just make sure to put a little dab of lubricant to simulate a wet mouth.


Packs a Punch

I wasnt sure about these at all. I have the large size and those are too hard and very large. I was hoping to wear them under clothes as prep. These are perfect. I thought they were too small at first but once on it covers just the nip and the suction is perfect.



A little harder plastic than I expected but very functional



Needed to put a little lub on the edge for them to stay but worked just fine after that. Love the feel of them pulling on my nips


Fun Little Suckers

Great little nipple suckers. Take a little getting use to and they can be quite intense so recommend them in small doses.



These helped me orgasm multiple times! They were a great teaser with my hubby who really enjoyed giving them a squeeze and making me feel it everywhere!!!



Not a bad little buy. They take a little playing around with to get the right suction but they definitely worked once on there. Would recommend


A fun little extra

Work great once you get used to them, will fall off with vigorous play but it's always fun putting them back on :)



Works very well. Nipples are extremely sensitive afterwards!



Best suckers ever. Love them. Make my nipples stand up


work and look great on

these look great on my gf



I bought them to try them because they were cheap and they work. I'm more sensitive after, but I'm just not sure if I like the feeling.


Lv the lil things

Made them plumper and easily stimulated



I was septique avoir this product. I was even more when I received it. They are so small, they fit on the top of my index finger. I gave it a try and to my surprise it worked! More than worked, I took only one use to improve my nipples sensitivity! One of my nipples is naturally not sensible and need lots of work. But one push of that little miracle worker and sensibility filled my nipple. I recommend it to everyone who doesn't naturally feel pleasure with nipples play. It may change it for the better!



I am glad I got these! Great suction! Very stimulating!


Holy yes

These are so cheap and awesome. They are just simple little suckers that you pinch and apply to the nipples. I have small nipples and they stick on quite easily... and they drive me wild. I wish I had bought these years ago!


Good Suction

Feel great and work well.