***NEW*** Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 2 Pack
***NEW*** Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 2 Pack
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***NEW*** Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 2 Pack

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Increasing energy and libido, improving blood flow for a stronger, lasting erection and assisting with duration and stamina, Forta's For Men contains a potent blend of traditional herbs and extracts that can assist with all areas of a man's sexual experience.

Aside from these obvious benefits, For Men also boosts general physical wellness, which, along with the fatigue-banishing properties, could certainly have a very positive impact on sexual doings, not to  mention desire.

Take 1-2 capsules daily with warm water on an empty stomach, if possible. As with any supplement, talk to your doctor if you have medical or physical issues before beginning a regimen. 2 Pack. DIN#80045132
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Toe curling

We enjoyed it immensely. Will reorder for sure


Omg that s enough said :)


This all natural supplement is amazing, way more drive and long lasting I just wanna go for hours, I highly recommend

Tried and True

Good product and I will try again soon.


These pills work wonders amazing recommend this to everyone

Good pill

When I first order this product after reading all the reviews had to try it best way take it on a empty stomach and give it about 45 minutes if you do decide to eat wait at least two or more hours for best results when I first took it holy moly I suffer from ED and this definitely help I ve ordered more

Great product

I've bought this product twice now and have not been disappointed yet. My hubby gets excited when he sees I've ordered them and I know I'm going to have a fun-filled night of sensual long sex i just love it. Well definitely keep buying especially for the price. Totally recommend this product to all couple.

That Little Extra Punch

Definitely works, was skeptical at first but great for multi session nights.


Let s Just say it did enhance our night! Longer and stronger. No complaints.

Our sex night renewed!!

I really didn't have much hope for this product as my guy suffers from Erectile Disfunction and to my amazement its now our go to!! I bought 4 more packs!!! Thanks ??

Better than I thought....

I was doubtful at first but was pleasantly surprised as was my wife.


Works good for my partner.


Works very well, probably lesser than Cialis, or Viagra.

Good stuff

Second time purchase wonderful product adds a good boost to stamina and longevity . Well worth it for a good evening.

great product

Hard member every time!

It works

It's not insane like some folks say but it certainly works. For best results Make sure to rub it in instead of just letting it dry. Gives you quite a bit of confidence and some stamina but also still allows you to enjoy it and get off. Doesn't take away pleasure just makes you able to better control yourself- I recommend it.

Great Buy

Picked these up mainly out of curiosity just to see if they could add a little assistance in the bedroom, took 1 and about 45 minutes later I started to feel a slight difference.. for me the main effect was I noticed more energy/stamina in the bedroom, as well as easier arousal, had zero side effects.

Great Product

It works great for sexual performance.

All Night Fun

Take one works All Night! Take Two and your good for Days!!!


Take one and your good for the night!!!!Take two and your good for days!!!

Got it for my man

It worked well, he took 2 of the pills. Will be ordering more

My partner forbid me to take them anymore

I lasted far too long .. which means they work!

Do the job well

The product is what it's mentioned and it do es the job.

So. Much. Sex

Bought this for me and my boyfriend a few weeks ago, finally had the chance to have a sleep over and we took these bad boys. Didn t feel any different so I wondered if they were placebos. No. They did. We basically fucked every 30 minutes. I m covered in bruises. It carried on from 10 - 5 am .. and then it must have even in the morning we woke up because when we did we had morning sex twice, Awesome pills and we are definitely buying againI