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Woman owned. Saskatchewan based. Secure, discreet shopping.
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**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him
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**New Bundle for Couples** Satisfyer's Pro 3 Air Pulse Stimulator for her & Men's Vibrations Stroker for him

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We're about the make a pretty bold claim, so hold tight! The Satisfyer Pro 3 Plus Vibration might just be the best vibe ever to exist. "But wait!" (you're probably thinking) - "the Satisfyer isn't a vibrator, it's a touchless air pulse clitoral stimulator and it's absolutely amazing!" You're right! And in the nicest way possible, you're also wrong. Aside from gentle-to-greedy oral-sex mimicking suction pressure, the Pro 3 Vibration also offers climax hunters (surprise!) a vibration option. Satisfyer has called the Pro 3 Vibration The Best Satisfyer of All Time, so rest assured, that bold claim we made above isn't an exaggeration!

At home or away (this stealthy black pleasure-giver is all you'll need to get away from it all, trust us!), eleven intensities of signature Air Pulse ecstasy wait to suck and throb while another ten modes of vibration send you soaring over the edge in no time flat. If you're keeping track of the math, that adds up to a total of 110 possible vibration/suction combinations. Though they can most certainly be used together, the vibration and pulse features operate separately, so you can perfectly curate your climax. 

Super-sleek, definitely sexy and ready to accompany you just about anywhere, the Pro 3's elegant shape fits smoothly in your hand and against your (or your playmate's) body. Press the silky ring tip gently over the clitoris in question for total sensual immersion before or after cuing up the motor. 

Fully rechargeable, the Pro 3 powers up at any available USB port. 4.5 hours provides up to 60 minutes of continuous play. Cord included.

In hypoallergenic high end silicone, the Pro 3 cleans easily using warm water and antibacterial soap or a good erotic toy care fluid/foam. Use a cotton swab or something similar to clean the treatment tip. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant- please avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. Waterproof.
  • Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 5.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.9" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof
  • Colour: Black
Based On 112 Reviews

Pretty great

Really pretty, sleek design. Feels nice, both the texture and ergonomically. The pulse feature has a really low setting that works its way up so there is something for everyone and different parts of the body. The vibration I find really intense on the lowest setting compared to how low the pulse setting is, and just gets more and more intense from there. I wish the vibration settings and the pulse were a bit more on par with each other for each level, but that's just my personal preference. It's nice to be able to control them individually or just use one or the other when wanted. Fairly quiet but keep in mind it does have a motor so don't expect silence. All in all it's pretty damn good, maybe not 100% perfect for me though.


It works. It REALLY works!!!!

Best Toy I've ever Used

With so many different combinations you'll never get bored and omg is it intense and exactly what you need!

Best vibe I've ever owned

I have a LOT of toys. Because of this vibe, none of them get any use!! This is an amazing product and my go-to toy. I use pretty much daily, sometimes multiple times a day!


I had the Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Suction Simulator before upgrading to this Pro 3 and the combination of suction and vibration makes a world of difference. The settings can be turned up for very intense sessions, or kept low for slower achievement. It stays charged for longer than my last Satisfyer product, highly recommend.


Once you figure out the buttons ??????


One of the best purchase I made!!! Buy it you wont regret!!!

Perfect for alone time

When you just want to relax and lay back and let the machine do all the work this is great. Honestly feels like a gentle and intimate massage on your clit. You do not wanna sleep on this one ladies!!

Was expecting a little more power, but it s as effective as the previous models


Oh my!

I would have gladly dropped hundreds of dollars on this toy! Better than oral! I couldn't put it down!

Only toy you need

The buttons could use a little revamp but otherwise this thing is amazing. Usually takes me forever to get there but with this, less than 30 seconds and really powerful. Well buy again.

Holy Shit

AMAZING. Only piece of advise.. lay yo ass down when you use this for the first time. My legs gave way just about died in the shower.

One of my favourite

Must have toy. Definitely one of my favourite. I had mine for two years before I broke the motors in it. And when I did I got a new version I enjoyed this toy so much.

Mind blowing.. worth every penny

I am one of those people that has a super hard time finishing (or even sometimes getting started). I usually need to watch videos and sometimes even go to other measures to get myself going. When this arrived in the mail today, I charged it for a little bit and thought, what the heck. Let s give it a go. Umm. Wow. No porn needed - this thing made me scream in under five minutes (I usually don t make a peep)! Best orgasm of my life and it was my first time using the Satisfyer. Despite other reviews, I didn t have a difficult time navigating the buttons or positioning. I may have, however, developed an addiction.

literally my favorite toy

i bought this right at the beginning of the pandemic and have since bought another 25 or so toys, but no matter what i buy, i always use this. it is so amazing to use in any position, with other toys, and especially in the shower. its super difficult for me to orgasm without clitoral stimulation, but this always leaves me trembling, especially combined with other toys. literally takes me like 30 seconds if im not playing.


Can I just say GAME CHANGER?! Like I ve never orgasmed so quickly!

Why can't I give this five million stars?? Because that's what it deserves.

Whomever invented these things needs a f***ing award. As a woman who has difficulty "getting there", I salute you Satisfyer. I thought I was happy with my normal vibes that only really got me one "O", if I was lucky. I had NO idea. This thing is amazing. First off, I started with the Satisfyer Pro 2 and while that was good, I had issues with it. (My first one broke after awhile. The company was great though and sent me a new one.) I found my ability to have a satisfying orgasm was there... but it still took ages, like it does using a regular vibe. I tried other brands and had some hits and misses. Finally I saw this beauty on sale awhile back and decided to give it a go. Hands down, greatest 60$ I have ever spent. The only con I can really think of with this toy, is the shape. It's a little awkward to hold and keep it on my sweet spot. It's a very minor gripe for me, as once things get going it doesn't -really- matter if I'm right on. But I can see it maybe being an issue for anyone out there with difficulty holding a toy like this. The one thing Pro 2 has over it is the shape, almost like a handle. It's really easy to hold and move around to where you need it most. Second minor con is the buttons are not very defined, so one can pretty easily hit the wrong one. And seeing as there's three, two for the suction part of things and one for the vibe, I have had some issues finding the right one in the dark with just touch. A bit more definition in the bumps indicating what the buttons do, wouldn't go amiss in my opinion. In conclusion, this toy is amazing and I think everyone with a clit should have one in their collection. It gets you there... then it gets you there again... and again... and again... Well, you see where I'm going with that. Thank you so much Satisfyer. Please, keep making these amazing clit suckers. I need them in my life.

My shower toy!

I keep this toy in the shower for some fun on hair wash days. It s easy to use and stays in place once positioned so my hands are free for nipple stimulation. I honestly didn t think I d like the vibration and sucking combo, but it s absolutely amazing. It is a little confusing for my partner to operate, so it s an alone time toy for me.


Amazing!!!! Used solo and with my partner and in both cases could not stop cumming.

Mmmmmmm love that

Very said it has tech issue after week. I wish it could have it on my cl$t all day

Definitely worth it!

I bought this toy recently after having a lower end battery powered one give up on me. DAMN this toy does the trick!! Love that it s rechargeable too!

Great for solo play

Once I got the hang of positioning and what combo of stim worked for me this toy had me off in seconds. Because of the angle required it s not great for use during some penetration positions but it s worth the acrobatics

Powerful and fun

I own the we-vibe moxie and got this as a backup for when the moxie needs charging. It's just as fun and much cheaper. It's both sucking and vibrating which enhances the experience. Definitely recommend


I love mine so much. The best toy I have ever purchased. It is the first thing I pack when I'm traveling. The angle makes this version hard to use in some positions with a partner but easy to use solo or in a "doggy" position.

Great Toy

Absolutely love it

Hilarious Humor

Great activity todo with your girls. Never a dull moment.

Not too bad

It def takes a bit of getting used to as it's quite different for the settings and the shape is a little odd but if you give it a few shots you won't regret it!

Best toy i ve ever used

Feels like heaven.


This is my 1st real toy and it s amazing my bff referred me to buy it and what a great buy. I m also encouraging others to buy I can t say enough about it.

Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker:

Satisfyer has the clitoris covered, without a doubt. Their amazing pressure wave stimulators have been thrilling us and our happy customers for a while now. What about non-clitoris owners, though? Everyone deserves a Satisfyer to call their own, and now, thanks to the Satisfyer Men Vibration, there's one for all!

If you're a Satisfyer fan, you may know that there's already a genius masturbator by these pleasure wizards out in the world, and it's been doing the trick for many men and their mates. The one suggestion we kept hearing though, was 'where's the vibration?' It's here! This innovative stroker combines the unique sensation of a super-skilled blowjob with vaginal sex using fourteen signature modes of vibration and thoughtful inner contours.

Meant to contain the tip and part-way down the shaft (for most men), the Vibration features a soft, non-detailed entry at the end of an ergonomic handle. Inside, sexy tongue-inspired swells and the deeper length beyond shiver, shudder, shake and pulse with those 14 patterns of vibration. More than a surface buzz, the vibration is deep and throbbing, with two motors sharing the work. Many of the available vibration rhythms send pulses flowing between the two for a totally toe-curling stroke or suck effect. 

Relatively lightweight and comfortable to grip, the Satisfyer Men Vibration is perfect as a solo tool, but just as easily hands off to a playmate. Simple buttons on a handle-placed interface activate and vary vibration- they're within easy reach of a finger at all times.

Always ready when you are, the Men Vibration 1 is conveniently USB rechargeable. A simple magnetic charge cord clips to the base and begins powering up when connected to a USB power source.

In body safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Men Vibration is body safe, ultra hygienic and definitely made to last. Clean well before and after playtime using some warm soapy water or a favourite toy care fluid/foam. Any great quality water-based lube can be enjoyed with this toy. Waterproof.

* The Satisfyer Men Vibration measures approximately 6" (15.2cm) in total with 2.75 (6.9cm) of those inches penetrable. It's about 2.6" (6.6cm) wide and 8" (20.3cm) in circumference
  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 6"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Vibrates
Based On 50 Reviews


I bought this for my boyfriend and he couldnt have been harder!.. It finished him within minutes.. I have the womans version and love it!


I have tried many other men's toys but this one really works. Nothing else can reproduce such a feeling. About time men got a toy that works like those that women have.


I wasn't sure what to expect with this but over all it is worth the money. The insertion length could have been just a bit longer. It give a very intense orgasm, I didn't try all the vibration patterns yet but look forward to trying them. I do recommend this product, but take the time to enjoy it as you can cum very quick and I enjoy the long drawn out play.