Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine
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Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine

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We're going to be honest. You could throw a stone around here and hit at least a few dozen strokers vying for the title of 'perfect faux blowjob provider'. They're all wonderful! We love them and our penis-owning customers love them. Here's the thing though; most strokers are stationary. Static. Motionless. You'll need to rely on your or your partner's own power of stroking locomotion. VeDOs Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine, on the other (metaphorical) hand, relies on some totally innovative suction technology and good old electricity!

The Hummer is truly a machine, a super-powered, pleasure-packed feat of engineering that lets you customize your perfect blow job from beginning to end. To get started, have a look at what's included. First up is the Hummer's power pack, a sturdy box with a simple on/off switch, 2 sets of function keys, and two connection points. One of those connection points is for an AC power adapter with lots of available cord. Plug it into a free wall socket, and that's it. No need to worry about batteries or recharging. The other connects a long length of flexible tubing to the Hummers stroker sleeve.

Coated in firmer, easy to grip silicone, the stroker sleeve is plushy soft and sexily clingy. Attach the tubing to the back end of the sleeve, then connect the opposite end to the power box. Flip the switch to 'ON', slather on lots of a favourite water-based lube, and you're good to go! Position the sleeve over your shaft, pick a rhythm and sit back to enjoy the best blowjob simulation you've ever had. The Hummer sucks at 25 possible speeds and intensities using totally unique reverse pressure pulses that climb to as many as 109 sucks per minute.

You'll see two set of function keys on the box, one controls 5 modes of intensity and the other controls 5 speed levels. Use the keys to adjust the space between each suck and/or overall sucking speed. There's also a very handy remote included. Pass it off to a partner or keep it to yourself. Either way, someone is going to be the very lucky recipient of slow and steady slurps, or a fast and furious ride to the finish. 

The Hummers sleeve should be cleaned well before and after use using some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The other pieces of the Hummer Hands-Free BJ Machine should be carefully wiped down. Please keep lots of your favourite water base lube handy, not only will it feel amazing, but will also help the Hummer's suction work its very best magic. Do NOT use the Hummer in or around water.

* Measurements to the side represent the Hummers stroking sleeve. The entire Hummer, when assembled, reaches about 4'/1.2M from the power box to base of the sleeve. The sleeve is approximately 4"/10cm penetrable and 2.75"/7cm in total diameter

About The Hummer Hose
  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 6.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End
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Finally a toy worth it

I have tried a few of the higher end toys FL launch ,autoblow 2 , a few others . They all suck. In a bad way . I was hesitant to waste a lot of money again but I'm a horn dog sooo I actually meant to buy the 2.0 version and must have messed up and got the OG. . I wasn't too happy with my mistake .....until I tried it out. Best toy by far . It actually feels like a BJ. (Complete with slurping sounds lube +suction). This wonderful devixe on the low setting rides up and down you piece aprox 2-3 inches . The higher the suction setting it doesn't stroke as much but still feels really good . I've only used it twice since arriving but was worried the first time was just an anticipation high ,but it was not second whirl was just as great . I don't know what 2.0 adds other than random setting and more rpms, but you won't be disappointed with this . The noise isn't quiet but not really loud it's about the volume of fish tank pump (med to low hummer ) pun intended. Pretty easy to clean . Happy all-around . So now you can tell the boys you get a bit everynight. Just mumble the part about it being from a machine .


This is the one!

Before this, tried lovesense and autoblow. This is FAR better than either. Lovesense has a suction function that, well, sucks. Or doesn't suck. Um. And otherwise, is a vibrator. No autstroking. Autoblow is an auto striker that almost is good, except the parts that move arent enough to stimulate your entire length. Autoblow and lovesense follow the Fleshlight design, where the first 1.5-2 inches of entryway is thick and covers much of the base of the penis. The automated functions can't possiblly stimulate this area. Hummer has a better design where there is no wasted area around the base. The entire sleeve sucks and strokes everything, from base to tip. The nature of how the suction works makes it so that it can autostroke. This is the toy I been looking for this whole time.


Wow just wow



Mind BLOWN!!

Worth ever penny!!! I ve own a couple different rechargeable stroker s and this is by far the best I ve ever experienced. Feels just like the real thing. I am not paid to say any of this,I am a single guy just like you and I m a little tired of the dating game so this is more than enough for me right now. I know it s a little pricey and your worried you won t like it and you can t return it but trust me you be right here writing a review just like me saying how freaking awesome this thing is. Hummer the name says it all!


perfect blow job

this device is like getting a blow job and a great blow job you wont be disappointed in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It definitely does its job great


Totally worth it!

This was my first time buying a more top end sex toy and I have no regrets at all this machine is great! It comes in a nice looking box, super easy to put together, super easy to clean and feels amazing! Dont let the price tag scare you off because it s worth every penny in my opinion!


This thing BLOWS!! But in a very good way!

First off, the quality of this thing is phenomenal all the way from the box it s packed in to the device itself! Now let s get to the good stuff! The action of it on your member feels amazing! No matter the settings! The best male masturbators I ve ever used!


Worth it!

Totally worth it! Best toy for men i ever bought.


Pleasure guaranteed!

Feels very good, would recommend.


The BEST of the BEST!!!

I own a few top end sex toys and this is by far the most amazing product I've seen. Compared to the other "stationary toys" where you have to hold it in place, THIS toy actually moves on its own! Like it is possessed or something!! After it get a good grip on ya, you can just pull your arms behind your head and let the magic happen. Just do not fall asleep while she is in action because she wont stop sucking you until you wake up. lol! The most awesome toy I've ever bought!



I was skeptical about ordering a toy that was so expensive and not getting enjoyment out of it. Yeah but after trying it was unbelievable and if you close your eyes and drowned out the noise it was ALMOST better than a woman. Comes in handy (no pun intended) when the wife s not available.



Amazing technology! Works beautifully! Lube your shaft and turn it on & sit back!


Pricey Yes - -but Worth EVERY Penny!

The best toy I have ever purchased and I've bought a few. INCREDIBLE - - Forget the cheaper knock-offs - -This is more than a "toy" - - it's a tool that does exactly what it was designed to do- - -You!


Oh woman

Out of this world the most fantastic toy in my crib.



Very good, and worth every penny


No texture

good machine but could use some texture in the sleeve. Like some bumps n whatnot.



Awesome product very satisfying


Blow job machine

does the job


Worth the money

Very good toy...well built. Works better than even described. So far only had it for a few weeks but very satisfied.


You are missing out

I have bought various high end toys over the years and I have always been disappointed...too small (I think I am average?), doesn t run long enough, unnatural texture or design. I had low expectations of buying this, but I promise it is the only toy you will need, with, or without a partner. Works on your testicals too! All I can say is, AMAZING! Maybe better than the real thing, but even better with a partner.


Realistic feel

Nice sucking action with speed & intensity control. Exceeds expectation!


Husband loves this!

My husband travels for work so I surprised him with the HUMMER... and boy oh boy does he love it! He said it really feels amazing and it s pretty powerful!



Great product



Honestly better then whet i wuz expecting! Definatly worth it


Amazing sucker

This toy is the best Ive ever used it's so amazing. I can't wait to play with it more!!! More to cum