Hemptation Aloe Based Natural Lubricant in 3oz/89ml
Hemptation Aloe Based Natural Lubricant in 3oz/89ml
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Hemptation Aloe Based Natural Lubricant in 3oz/89ml

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If it seems like hemp, hemp seed and CBD enriched products etc. have been in the spotlight these days, you've been paying attention. If, by some chance, you've been wondering when exactly this natural plant based extract is going to be showing up in your lube, the answer is now!

Hemptation from Wet builds on a popular aloe based formula beloved by moisture seekers with the addition of mushroom, oat and cannabis sativa extracts along with quinoa and linseed oils. Thin, silky and easy-spreading, Hemptation fully and reliably coats toys, hands and body surfaces to ensure tons of super-smooth friction-free glide.

This Wet offering is paraben free and safe to use with latex condoms.
  • Size: 3 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Paraben Free
Based On 3 Reviews

I like it !

It's good lube, no glycerin or parabens. I don't really feel any difference from the hemp as any other lube but still happy.

Nice and slippy

Didn't come off as sticky like some lubes this is just the right formula for silky smooth feels

I love it!

More liquid than i was thinking, but very nice feel