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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master
Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master

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To get into the most pleasurable positions, the Inflatable Position Master is a perfect choice; it's a must-have for any adventurous couple. This big slanted pillow cushions the body, and provides support and leverage for the best sex. EZ Grip Luv handles on either side let you keep a strong hold so you can keep up the rhythm without tiring out, and a velvety flocked fabric keeps you from sliding around. The Position Master can be used with a variety of other Fetish Fantasy inflatables and also in combination with some of your favourite restraints and cuffs. It inflates quickly, and deflates equally fast for discreet storage. Holds up to 300 pounds.
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Gets you up.

This works good for both guys and girls getting them up in the air a bit for easier access.

Awesome product!

If you re looking to get your partner in some different positions than this thing is for you! I must say, just the different angles you can achieve with this wedge are enough to put her in the right position to hit that spot just perfectly!


Very useful in the bedroom.. add a little bondage gear into the mix and the options are plentiful and pleasureable!!


Wife and I love it great for the price

I love this.

One of the best purchases I ve made.

Very useful

Because it's inflatable you can decide if you like it very firm or with some squish, which is great. The box also came with two repair patches and some glue. And the handles are an awesome feature. I love that they give me something to grab onto, but also give us the option of pairing it with cuffs. Also, I find myself using it to sit up in bed because it provides great back support.


Love this pillow, makes holding positions easy with great strong handles and has a nice comfortable texture

Fun new furniture

Great price for a fun new addition to help hit all those angles. Handles on the side are great for handcuffs ;) Easy to transport as well

Seems to hold up pretty well

We've yet to try it in the throes of passion, but it does seem to hold more than the 300lbs. ??


Loved it

Very good

Seems to be good are sturdy really good for positions.


This thing is actually great. We also use it in the bedroom to recline to read or watch tv. Many many good uses!

Just right

I love this wedge. Keeps it shape when bearing weight. Produced a nice presentation


So far we've only used this to help with doggy but for that purpose it worked perfectly. It put me at just the right height for him. It did take a bit of effort to inflate with just lung power but other than that I have no complaints


Worked amazing! Sorta hard to blow up at first but other than that it was very sturdy cx

Best bang for your buck

I chose this due to price and weight rating. I love it due to these two factors but also for the handles etc. Honestly it is used daily as a regular pillow to prop up in bed for tv laptop etc. will not disappoint.

Still looking for that perfect position.

Well. I see it in my near future.

Fired me up

Very useful

Great Budget Pillow

Before making the commitment of an expensive non-inflatable pillow, we decided to give this a shot. I am very glad we did. My wife loves the changes in angle and comfort that this offers. Trying out new positions is fun and the handles allow me to keep a strong grip and her in exactly the right position. It wasn't difficult to inflate and once we buy a non-inflatable pillow we can still use this when we travel.


Excellent for travel and works like a charm I'm happy with my product and I would suggest it to any others who have to travel

love it!

simply lovin' it ! my boyfriend too! =)

Real good for the price

Perfect for lots of positions and love the handles on the side

great product

have always wanted the name brand product but with children they would be hard to hide. so we got this instead works great gets her up in the air for a little better access. no more sore neck the next day or sore hips for her


This is fun an comfortable. I got one as a gift and now I'm ordering another so I can give it to a friend as a gift :)


Works great. Added lots of fun to the bedroom.


Great for the price

Well made but wobbly

This product is a lot of fun! It seems well made and sturdy. Our only complaint is that you wobble a bit from side to side while using it to lift up your pelvis.

We love it and it is well worth the price, particularly as compared to the much more expensive pillows.

Very fun!

Good quality and easy to use, highly recommend!

Sweet Sex Pillow

I love the fact that it blows up and it s pretty sturdy. Can t wait to try out as my sex positions as possible. So many ideas!

Do need to ask to go lower...

doggy style lover !

no need to adjuste her hight

also easier & new way to Cunni her easily