Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml
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Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml

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Dragon Virility Cream helps you honor your lover with the sexual pleasure they deserve. The unique formula was specially formulated with all-natural extracts and herbs, and helps to control pleasure for a longer ride. Just apply over the penis before sex, and a 'fire and ice' sensation will soon follow. To top things off, once your lover comes in contact with you and the cream, it will sensitize and increase her pleasure too. Contains 2oz/59ml.

Rub the cream on the genital area to experience the flavor and freshness that it releases.
  • Size: 2 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Cooling, Paraben Free, Unscented, Vegan Friendly, Warming
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J adore la sensation que ce produit procure


Fricken AMAZING..

this stuff is great wish it was in a bigger size



I've probably ordered, over the years, five bottles of this magic cream. I absolutely love it. My man loves it. It adds that extra flame, whenever you want to feel some heat. ;)


Good feeling

Gives you a really good feeling.



Mon conjoint l'adore!!


Bien !

Tr s bon produit, moi et mon conjoint avons eu beaucoup de plaisir l'essayer.


So much fun

Be prepared for an all nighter! So much fun, packs a lot of heat.



simplement que de moment magique
ca rehausse d'un cran le plaisir a son plus haut


Must try

A must try. Better for him than for her.


The best

The best


Enter the Dragon

Very thrilling hot & cold sensations lasting a few minutes alternately, for about a half hour. You're hot, he's cold, then vice versa. Also good for a little extra solo tingle



A little bit of this rubbed on & we slayed that dragon over & over again. Thrilling sensations for both of us



Very arousing wonderful buy would buy in a heartbeat



Hot and cold!! We loved it!! Crazy sensations!!


Hot And Cold!!!

My husband and I really love it.



Jamais eu des orgasmes aussi fort


Creme essentiel

Tous les couples doivent avoir sous la mains cette cr me!
Essayez-la... c'est formidable autant pour l'homme que la femme.


very very warming

Makes sex much more pleasurable thats for sure!


Gets me hot

If I'm wanting a little extra "ooh la la" to get turned on, all I need is a small dab of dragon cream on my lady parts and I'm ready and waiting! Would just like the effect to last a bit longer.



Miracle in a bottle....my husband tend to have a softer erection with medication lately and it give us a woot in bed with the use of this product. Pleasure for me when he is in me for the hot cold sensation...perfect pruduct!


Perfectttt! Love it!!

For men or women! Must have!


My man likes it

My man just tried it and he loves it. He said it felt hot and increased sensitivity. He also said that it was very effective. We will definitely keep buying this!


what a great product!

ok... one word: WOW!
Yes it will help to control the pleasure. It's not as strong as a product only designated to do this but still does the job. This effect take about 1-3 min to start and last for about 15-20min.
It also give me an harder erection. when you're starting the intercourse she feels it too. it increases her pleasure.
The "warming effect" is so intense that it is to the limit i could take before i would think something is going wrong. It's so great!
If you pull it out it's a chilling effect. Fire and ice as the description say.
it's not called virility cream for nothing. A must have, or at least a must try!!
PS. felt this e-v-e-r-y time we used it, which mean about 5 times now.

Dragon Virility Cream 2oz/59ml