Cherry Flavored Anal Numbing Gel in 1.5oz/44ml
Cherry Flavored Anal Numbing Gel in 1.5oz/44ml
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Cherry Flavored Anal Numbing Gel in 1.5oz/44ml

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Assist your next anal endeavor with Little Genie's Booty Call Anal Numbing Gel, a topical desensitizing agent, flavored in yummy cherry, that eases the pain and worry of anal sex with a mild anesthetic. To use, apply a dime-sized amount to the anal opening and wait 10 minutes before playing to allow it to absorb into the skin. Re-apply as necessary. Booty Call is both condom and toy safe. Contains 1.5oz/44mL.
  • Size: 1.5 oz
  • Flavor: Fruit
  • Special Features: Anal Lube
Based On 23 Reviews

Works well

The cream works pretty well and does help quite a bit.

Great purchase

works amazing my girlfriend was doubtful it would work but she loves it and told me to buy two more tubes lol ty for great products like this one

Smells good!

I loved it the packaging was my favourite!

It is not my first

Not bad.But it taste bad.It works to numb but I'd rather take Adventure's serum.My personal choice.To buy a bit more expensive but more effective.

Not my best

The best found here was Adventure serum.This cherry balm seemed like the one you put on your gums after going to an extraction at the dentist office.Very numbing but lil weird.

This has always been a difficult issue for me

I've always enjoyed anal sex but it was painful, especially at the beginning for me ! I wanted a Cream or lotion that would allow me to feel things so that I wouldn't rip and tear but would take some of the pain out so that I can enjoy the good Sensations and finally I found the perfect cream to do exactly what I want and I will never go back I bought two bottles right away and I'm going to start stocking up

She says it helps.

After we tried it I asked if it helped at all and she said it did. Next time I'll use a bigger toy!!


Let s me use much bigger toys that I ever thought I could. Will definitely buy again.

Works great

This stuff is good it works for a long time highly recommend if your new to anal play and need assistance being more comfortable


To be honest I was doubtful of this but when I actually tried it; it worked like a charm. I was a little surprised that it wasn't a liquid and it was closer to a paste but one you rub it in well it'll make it all feel so much better!


Perfect for what I needed. The numbing agent made anal play so much more enjoyable, though I can t comment on the taste - not sure. Definite recommend! Just remember a little goes a LONG way.

Note - the format of the bottle is just ok. I found the product to be a bit harder than the bottle could squeeze easily so I ended up with more than I needed to use. Would love to see a different packaging next time!!

Works amazing

This product works awesome. Highly recommend


It's not crazy but yeah it helps start off

Does what it says

Numbs really well for sure. Smells great too.


This product works absolute wonders, ive already bought a second one for when it runs out, it makes everything much more enjoyable and smells amazing

Feeling Good!

I say it did its job made it easier plus my partner said it tasted good but numb her tongue a bit but hey thats fine. Also might be weird but we put it on our nips and dammmm felt awesome like tiggley a bit but good!

Thumbs Up

Really liked this product worked as intended very pleased and would recommend this product to anyone looking to make the experience more pleasurable

New Fav Product

The hubby and I love this product. It does what it says :)

Works wonders !

This product is perfect if your looking to take out the stress of anal sex hurting ! Works great and fast !

works as intended!

not much to say - it does its job, and is not too sticky!